three kings

Quarry redeveloped for
large-scale, inner-city
residential community



The scale of this Fletcher Building project is awesome. It’s one of the city’s largest brownfield sites and is being transformed into a $1.2 billion housing development for more than 1200 dwellings in and around the former Three Kings quarry. Our job as the main earthmoving contractor is to remove or condition almost 300,000 cubic metres of soil, sort 20,000 cubic metres of rock, install drainage curtains around the 21 hectare site, as well as construct 20,000 cubic metres of underground drainage storage. We made 35-metre vertical cuts into the clay before excavation and have engineered backfill to stringent geotechnical requirements in preparation for the building of an integrated residential community with its own wetland park.

Digging trenches for pipe laying at 3 Kings
Digging trenches for pipe laying at 3 Kings
Trenches for pipe laying at 3 KingsDigging trenches for pipe laying at 3 Kings