huia seawall,
stages 3, 4 & 5

Faultless management of
environmental protections


FEBRUARY 2011 – JULY 2012

Over the course of this 18-month programme of works at Huia, on Auckland’s Manukau Harbour, our team members worked alongside the tightknit local community to minimise disruption to residents while building quality assets for the small settlement. We constructed, repaired and upgraded various rock seawalls, installed drainage for stormwater outlets and built new berms and road carriageways on the landward side of the walls. Initially a $250,000 contract for Auckland Transport, the client was so impressed by our performance that it added two more sections of work, taking the total project worth to about $1 million. We ramped up our work schedule to overcome delays due to king tides, storm surges and a week-long local fishing event without compromising quality, design specifications, or environmental controls. More than five years and many storms later, the seawalls have retained their attractive shape and finish and have not required even minor repairs or rework.